Stratosphere. Here's a walkthrough demonstration of Evolution Electric Guitar – Stratosphere. The stratosphere is the second atmospheric layer from ground level.

Las Vegas's Stratosphere Tower ups the ante for even the ...
Las Vegas's Stratosphere Tower ups the ante for even the … (Lois Rose)

See strato- +‎ -sphere. stratosphere (plural stratospheres). (geology, obsolete) Collectively, those layers of the Earth's crust which primarily comprise stratified deposits. The stratosphere is the second layer (going upward) of Earth's atmosphere. The ozone layer is within the stratosphere.

The stratosphere is located above the troposphere and below the mesosphere.

Stratosphere, layer of Earth's atmosphere lying between the troposphere and the mesosphere.

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Things to do near Stratosphere Tower. The STRATosphere is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Gibson Brands, Inc. Meaning of the stratosphere in English.

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